GUEST BIO: Daniel Pinchbeck is the author of Breaking Open the Head (Broadway Books, 2002), 2012: The … Reality Sandwich is the trusted source for culture and information focused on psychedelics and the community. mistakes, I now believe people are likely to be happier and experience less But our idea is to make use of the tools of the corporate business structure rather than protest against them. relating skills, which are far more important. In his 2017 book, How Soon Is Now, he explored the systemic changes needed to avert ecological collapse and extinction. Come join us in Queering Psychedelics! Cassie Jaye, director of The Red Pill, also brings awareness into Part 1. He talks about Evolver and "Noospheric Fantasies" Filmed in Spring 2006. regret if they do not initiate their first sexual contact while under the This is true for ayahuasca - a sacred, psychoactive tea with a long history of ritual use by communities of the Upper Amazon. By what you choose to focus on, you create culture. We are a team of dedicated volunteers! We especially welcome contributions that challenge this piece and help advance these delicate conversations. Most people weren’t ready to focus on the environmental crises we’re facing and which grow more and more threatening. And if all of these events aren’t random happenings, is there an unseen order governing the symmetry? This is true for ayahuasca - a sacred, psychoactive tea with a long history of ritual use by communities of the Upper Amazon. I believe that people must understand that we’re in a planetary emergency, and there is an alternative — it’s just a fairly radical one. problems. XERXES COOK — In your writing, you note that the discovery or popularization of certain psychedelic compounds and entheogenic plants seems linked to points in history when humanity is threatened or is undergoing a paradigm shift. In many indigenous societies, the constant watchfulness of the collective keeps people’s egos in check. I hope that, as a result, men and women will find greater Specifically, that fantasy has been transferred into technology, in what’s often called the Singularity, which is a movement that has become the dominant religious faith of technologists in Silicon Valley and those types of people. mid-thirties and my second when I was forty. Pinchbeck was also featured in the 2008 video 2012: Science or Superstition, a documentary describing how much of what we are hearing is science and how much is superstition. And as a truth teller, I felt it was necessary to express them honestly. We’ve discovered consciousness itself to be very much an electromagnetic phenomenon, so changes to the electromagnetic environment of the Earth can have a direct effect on our consciousness. around these issues. DANIEL PINCHBECK: I grew up in a very artistic, cultured home, but without any kind of spirituality. If you think about it, the organs of that body are corporations. There is a historical reality of as a principle. I was a secular materialist, but I began to wonder, how did I really know that was the case, and could I make an inquiry into that? home by my mother, who was depressed, and who framed her depression around the The discovery of LSD seems like a profound allegory for the emergence of a new level of awareness. You can replay our interview here.Formerly an ecological activist, Kennedy now runs the nonprofit Children's Health Defense, which covers pharmaceuticals, 5G, and vaccines, among other areas. Or we will fail together and annihilate ourselves. We need to have a more deliberate dialogue concerning the pros and cons of technological development and to recognize that we can actually go back or change direction. But as ecosystems mature, they are much more marked by symbiosis, cooperation and mutual aid. Psychoactive plants are met with intrigue and shrouded in controversy and are a heated subject of debate in the modern era. The energy of the counterculture often gets co-opted, corrupted, and used by the corporate system to sell stuff. For the first time in his life, after making thousands upon thousands of compounds, he felt compelled to remake this particular molecule. ARTWORK BY DAVID SHERRY. we must remember that psychedelics can also cause or intensify psychological As Jeremy Narby notes, His most recent work, How Soon is Now: From Personal Initiation to Global Transformation (2017), as well as being a manifesto for radical societal change in the face of global ecological crisis, was also controversially a confessional work in which Daniel apologized for what he understood, retrospectively, to be sexual misconduct. The revolution of media is an absolutely necessary part of the evolution of consciousness. Most people weren’t ready to focus on the environmental crises we’re facing and which grow more and more threatening. Some have suggested this might resemble, in some ways, the Truth and Reconciliation commissions in South Africa after Apartheid. Author • 27th/Jul/2017 •; Daniel Pinchbeck 'I am an anarchist.' XERXES COOK — Terence McKenna wrote extensively on the idea that the 21st of December, 2012 — the last day of the ancient Mayan calendar — could be a transformation point for the human species, a culmination of a time wave into a singularity. Planetary Initiation, Donald Trump, Psychedelic Shamanism, Ecological Crisis, and the Return of Quetzalcoatl In this Banyen interview author & consciousness explorer Daniel Pinchbeck discusses how we may be in the midst of a radical planetary initiation. There’s been a lot of speculation about the influence of LSD on the early pioneers of the Internet and on the computer technology in the 1970s. It's not the Hokey Pokey, but psychedelic mainstreaming seems to be what it's all about. And I think if we look at what’s happening with the ecological crisis, Fuller’s ideas make sense. Unfortunately, we are still at a point where these substances can only be explored illicitly, which creates a further murky ambience. Once they have enchanted a foreign female client, they may see I was also a follower of the romantic and bohemian ideals of writers like William Blake, Henry Miller, Allen Ginsberg, and Jack Kerouac. Warren Farrell’s book, The Myth of Male Power, overturns many assumptions we hold about male and female dynamics. This is what I have been seeking to model with my company,, and with our nonprofit initiative, The Evolver Network. Daniel Pinchbeck Interview. It might be valuable to institute such circles as a daily practice at festivals, and even within local or urban communities. I kept feeling the desire to explain myself and intellectually rationalize my actions in various ways. An example of this is our own bodies, which are made of trillions and trillions of cells and micro-organisms, that were once competing for resources, that somehow through a series of crises figured out how to work together and create organs, blood, bones and so on, and weave themselves into a body to maximise their own potential for success. and define desired outcomes ahead of time and not rush into them. Psychedelic Illusions are Not Pathological, and May Even Help You See Better, Redwing Keyssar: Nurse, Midwife to the Dying, Ceremonialist,, negative impact on some people’s personalities and character. Daniel Pinchbeck Interview. Futurist. Later she felt she had been too intoxicated to consent. ... 2020 Liked by Daniel Pinchbeck. One that is not defined by the brands you wear or your musical taste, but instead by the consequences of your actions. A popular feminist viewpoint now states that one should believe the victim of sexual abuse or misconduct (the implication is, “always believe”). believe that men and women are most likely to avoid later regrets if they have hurt women by my past actions, I also feel sad that I let people down who I want to make amends. Que faites vous pendant la séance ? DANIEL PINCHBECK: I grew up in a very artistic, cultured home, but without any kind of spirituality. Featuring Gregory Wells, Mark DiFilippo and Kufikiri Imara  They believe This is what happened to me to some extent. Planetary Initiation, Donald Trump, Psychedelic Shamanism, Ecological Crisis, and the Return of Quetzalcoatl In this Banyen interview author & consciousness explorer Daniel Pinchbeck discusses how we may be in the midst of a … more of an awkward and sensitive, intellectual type. I think it was necessary that brakes were put on it, and that the inspiration of the shamanic and mystical experiences went underground and took on different forms, as they did during the past three or four decades. He has become the most prominent figure in the anti-vaccine movement and a lightning rod for controversy. In the US, we historically suffer from strains of hysteria that date back to our Puritan past. Can we consider businesses to be natural creations of Gaia — the idea that all living and non-living components on Earth work together to promote life? festival community. This happened during the same week that the Nazis were clearing the Jews out of the Warsaw Ghetto. idea that she didn’t have a partner. Many men now fear that a sexual relationship that was, as far as they understood at the time, consensual might be reevaluated at a later date, even many years later, by their former partner, and perceived differently. Daniel Pinchbeck is the author of Breaking Open the Head, 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, and When Plants Dream (with Sophia Rokhlin). the broader culture. High schools force People in the psychedelic community seek to explore ecstatic, expansive, and non-ordinary states of consciousness. We have the acceleration of climate change and the meltdown of the global financial superstructure, which is very much an artificial and cynical mechanism that feeds on the life of the planet. by Joseph Durwin, The Orbits Project, 2000. Xerxes Cook — You were the co-founder, in 1990, of the influential literary journal Open City, publishing writers such as David Foster Wallace, Rick Moody, Geoff Dyer, and even a poem by Monica Lewinsky, to name just a few. I asked for her forgiveness, which she This is very much in alignment with ideas that Buckminster Fuller and that groups like Archigram had in the 1960s. Astrological conjunctions and epochal shifts. A gay man, Allen thought it was natural for teachers or mentors and students to have sexual relationships. What does conscious consumerism mean to you — is self-sacrifice inherent to conscious consumerism? structural gender inequality that complicates this statement. Many men I knew when I was younger chose the third option. If somebody tells you they are trying to write a book or trying to stop smoking, you can almost guarantee that they are not going to finish the book or stop smoking anytime soon, because they are literally trying to do it. I felt guilty, ashamed of male sexuality. In the future I believe we will see a creative synthesis, where the counterculture that seeks human liberation melds with the corporate infrastructure to bring about a transformation of our world from within. It was littered with references to Rudolf Steiner’s ecological theories, Martin Heidegger and Marshall McLuhan’s critiques of Western notions of progress, as well as ruminations on the nature of time itself. Words are powerful, magical instruments through which we create possibilities — or limit ourselves, if we are not careful. The poster on the Left has been widely circulated. One issue to address is that and responsibility to be a writer, to be someone who gets to share ideas with He is the outcome of 80s logic the way Bezos is the outcome of the logic of the 2010s. Are these developments merely coincidental?DANIEL PINCHBECK — Scientists now propose that the Earth is a living entity, a kind of sentient being, as James Lovelock described the atmosphere in his Gaia hypothesis. want in the area of love and sexuality, with women leading this process by DANIEL PINCHBECK — I have never proposed that the exact date of 21/12/12 was going to be a transfiguration or an apocalypse or anything like that. Is there something we can do about it? drunk. sexual experiences, however, it can lead to more compulsive patterns of I believe that the root of “toxic masculinity” is not that men are inherently bad, but that we have remained indoctrinated into a patriarchal social system that dehumanizes both men and women in different ways. 32:50 After reviewing Daniel’s experiences at Burning Man, and how they can shed some light onto the malleability of human nature, Greg and Pinchbeck pivot to discuss another topic covered in his book: his noble goal “to influence the influencers”.Daniel reflects on his potential impact on people like Russell Brand and his experience charting a copter to view crop circles with Sting. To contribute to Daniel’s crowdfunding campaign to publish Metamorphosis: A New Operating System for Human Society, visit Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter; Pink Oasis, Death Valley, California, photogram. By studying the patterns of the stars and correlating it with this mathematical model of development and change, the Maya foresaw that our time would see a far-reaching transformation of humanity and the earth. Many years after and women are journeying together, they can state their physical boundaries Obscenely powerful, conventional in view of technology and markets. By the end of the book, one could easily think I’ve gone off the rails and have become possessed with this idea that I’m some kind of avatar or incarnation of Quetzalcoatl or some messianic figure. So it’s not the fault of corporations, but that they have been geared towards operating in a system which rewards the maximum return of profits above all else? Part 2. If I am honest, I still believe in a deeper level of sexual liberation, if it is combined with greater wisdom, compassion, and mindfulness. If Trump wins agains, one main reason will be that the Democrats forfeited their working class base more than a decade ago. Capitalism on Psychedelics: The Mainstreaming of an Underground, Ensuring Psychedelic Liberty in Black and Brown Communities: Questions to Ponder. Support of any frequency or amount helps the cause. The Commodification of Ayahuasca: How Can we do Better? La plupart des gens me contactent pour des problèmes physiques tels que des cervicalgies, des migraines, des problèmes de dos, de genou ou autres problèmes ostéopathiques. Pinchbeck came to this realization after the death of his good friend Robert Bingham — with whom he founded the literary journal Open City — from a heroin overdose led him to assess the direction and purpose his life was taking. It happens in a lot of different ways. Five years later, in 1943, in the middle of the Nazi’s Final Solution — and with Switzerland being this tiny island of neutrality in Europe, and Basel being a medieval centre of alchemy, where Paracelsus had lived — Albert Hoffman began to have recurring dreams of the molecular structure of LSD-25. Now we must step back, take a meta-systemic approach, and reinvent the game. These films, like much of our culture, put forth degrading Right now, we are going I differ in that is possible to take a more neutral view of Gates. Over the past few years, we’ve seen an acceleration in climate change; massive, industrial catastrophes are happening more and more frequently, like the Gulf Oil spill from British Petroleum, along with natural disasters such as the earthquake that caused the Fukushima meltdown, species extinction, and depletion of natural resources. movement is focused on promoting the benefits of these compounds and, in fact, So it’s interesting, right now, that so much of our metaphorical language, when talking about consciousness, subjectivity, or memory, is all coming from the computer world. As an adolescent and young man, I was What then inspired you to travel around the world, live with indigenous American and African tribes, and experiment with their psychedelic plant sacraments?DANIEL PINCHBECK — I wrote a piece about the decline of the human sperm count for Esquire, an ecological problem, which it seemed people could only take as a joke. We apply the principles of permaculture — an approach to agriculture and land use based on observation, where you accept exactly the conditions that you have, then look around, see what can grow best, which species are permanent and sustainable. What Do Psychedelic Medicine Companies Owe to the Community? behavior. So it’s not the corporation’s fault, it’s our fault, as the creators of the game system. When people take psychedelics at social events like festivals, These experiences happened to me. I feel genuine remorse and want to ask forgiveness of women who I have hurt. of a creative community in New York where heavy drinking and substances like One way of doing that was to create cultural tropes that became clichés around psychedelic culture, but simultaneously they instigated governmental and subsequently police oppression against any experience of an expanded consciousness, especially one that could be attained through visionary plant and chemical substances. Emily Sinclair is an anthropology Ph.D (C) candidate studying ayahuasca shamanism in Loreto, Peru. Nobody anticipated how quickly we would develop this global nervous system of communications infrastructure.XERXES COOK — You’ve written on the importance of the language we use in shaping our world. While women are speaking out, men remain very reluctant to discuss their experiences, as well as how their attitudes and behavior patterns have been shaped by their own social conditioning. repressed; I felt almost like I had been starving without realizing it. They knew that midwives used ergot in the Middle Ages to induce muscle contractions during pregnancy. Spearheading this movement is Daniel Pinchbeck, a New York based writer whose alchemist ancestor discovered the compound — and came up with the formal terminology — of “Fool’s Gold.” However, unlike Occupy, and taking inspiration from alchemist philosophy, Pinchbeck believes our economic system and corporations — the poisons — we have created have the potential to act as remedies to the chaos they have contributed to our planet today. First posited in the late 1960s, the theory proposes that living organisms and their inorganic surroundings have evolved together as a single living system that greatly affects the chemistry and conditions of the Earth’s surface, ranging from global temperature and atmospheric content to ocean salinity, in a quasi-automatic, self-regulating manner as if the Earth were a living organism itself. So that’s what I did. We don’t know how the whole system of language develops in the brain, and it doesn’t seem like it could have happened incrementally. The band Nirvana provided our soundtrack. And if you’re wasting people’s time with meaningless messages, you’re part of the problem and not part of the solution. Learn more here. In my new book Metamorphosis: A New Operating System for Human Society, I am thinking about the process of how we move from our current civilisation, based on hierarchy and ecological decimation, to a new social operating system based on mutual aid, with an integrated world view. Part of being a pioneer involves taking the initial volley of arrows that come in the form of personal attacks and criticism. We have to say, Okay. I propose that it’s time for us to put our life energy into our media genius, our technical capacity, and our communication skills to protect indigenous people and our natural resources, and to construct an alternative system for communities to share power more equitably. Ultimately, we can transition to Cradle to Cradle practices, redesigning the industrial manufacturing system so that everything we make is powered by renewables, and feeds back productively and beneficially to the ecosystem. I always wanted to be a poet or a novelist, so I definitely associated with countercultural ideas. We are forced to confront what we are as a planetary community and decide how we want to move forward. philosopher. Other men I know have had similar circumstances. I don’t claim that I am this or that. Albert Hoffman was a chemist for Sandoz, living in Basel, Switzerland. In the near term, if we look at a process that’s been going on for quite a while now, there’s a counterculture which constructs narratives, images, means of revolution, transformation, sexual liberation, magic and so on. XERXES COOK — Many ancient civilizations kept, and indeed many societies today still keep, calendars that are different from those used in the West. I felt I had to develop a false persona, a kind of mask, to connect with women. GAIA THEORYMuch of Daniel Pinchbeck’s philosophy of the ecological crisis being an initiatory process for humanity — a rite of passage we must endure in order to “awaken our inherent solidarity as a species” — is based on James Lovelock and Lynn Margolis’ Gaia hypothesis. While we can’t just wish away the reality that surrounds us, I feel it’s true that our thoughts and our use of language co-create our reality. In this interview with author Daniel Pinchbeck, we explore the ultimate meaning of the psychological and civilizational crisis we are facing today. Interview by Xerxes Cook, Purple Magazine, F/W 2012. But, as individuals discuss privately, there are situations where women as well as men will go after former partners for revenge or attention or seek to frame former partners for things they did not do. the evidence being amassed from scientific research is largely positive. warriors, identifying with predators like anacondas and jaguars. The rebellion that once characterised youth culture may have been commoditized to a point that the self-knowingness of ‘hipsters’ renders them nothing more than pure pastiches of themselves — yet bubbling beneath the surface of the mainstream there is a true counterculture arising. It calls for “armed marches” to the capitals of all fifty states on January 17. Interview with Daniel Pinchbeck. Yet, I began to realize that underlying everything is a materialistic belief system that is actually nihilistic. In a #MeToo post published on his personal Facebook account, he admitted to seeking sex with much younger women, using substances as tools of seduction, and making unwanted advances. I now find this unacceptable and unfortunate, but it was the norm at We Need a Spiritual Revolution, Fifth Estate Interview, Oct 2007. The result was the literary and metaphysical epic 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl (2008). We recently published the Ayahuasca Community Guide for the awareness of sexual abuse, which, in addition to helping to safeguard women in ayahuasca contexts, is aimed at raising awareness and creating much needed dialogue across the psychedelic community around the issue of sexual misconduct. There are many ways to look at what’s happening now. advances or even ambiguous physical contact during or just after ceremonies, and we must take action to safeguard Rebel Wisdom | Charles Eisenstein. From his experiences, Pinchbeck is convinced that reality is “increasingly malleable, responsive to psychic energy and conscious intention.” With this knowledge, he continued his line of inquiry by exploring Mayan prophecies about the year 2012 being a time of radical transformation for the planet. when I met a woman acquaintance late at night at a party when we were both very You don’t know how that influence is gonna get conveyed. understanding and be able to love each other in the future with more clarity I think this is a common mistake among men. Amazonian shamans do not see themselves as saints, doctors, or gurus, but as As I grew up, I seemed to find that males who were not somewhat forceful in their pursuit of sex did not succeed, as in the John Hughes films. I could actually get funding to go to exotic countries and take strange drugs. Today, as we approach a point of no return in our destruction of the environment, there arises a growing popularity of ayahuasca, which reveals the interconnectivity of life and the importance of nature. There is little I can do about that, except continue to work on myself and be open to feedback and dialogue. Philosopher. “Psychedelic spaces” is an umbrella This has a few different elements to it. the psychedelic community and festival circuit, I suddenly had exponentially Recorded in October, 2009 in Sonoma, California following the Economics of Peace Conference. I also believe that the best thing I can do is to tell my own story; partly because, by doing so, it might help other people, particularly men, to reckon with their history, with things they had done and mistakes they had made. So if consciousness evolves, the process could be akin to the fetal development leading to birth — fetal processes are exquisitely timed, so during their development, different chemical signals have to be released at precise intervals to bring the developing fetus along. Talk about a slap in the face. reflect on this, feel into it, and learn from it. A system of indoctrination is designed to make people passive and obedient to authority — and to make them dependent and disempowered. wrote an essay for The New Yorker on how these films, in which she starred, negatively shaped her own Official tennis player profile of Daniel Pinchbeck on the ATP Tour. Chacruna Institute is a registered California 501(c)(3) non-profit. There is still time to join us (capped at 66 attendees due to Covid restrictions). In terms of the Internet and the noosphere — the idea that there is a layer of thought around the Earth — which was developed simultaneously by the Russian geologist Vladimir Vernadsky and by the paleontologist and Catholic mystic Teilhard de Chardin: they thought that at some point humanity would consciously interact with this layer of thought around the Earth and at that point we would recognize ourselves and life as a single organism. Perhaps one of the more difficult things in life is accepting that. But obviously, to get from competition to cooperation will require a fundamental redesign of our economic system. Daniel Pinchbeck. In response to #MeToo, a group of prominent French women, led by Catherine Deneuve, posted an Op-Ed where they defended the “freedom to bother” as part of a liberated and open society. their initial sexual contact without substances and with enthusiastic consent, • 27th/Jul/2017. The indigenous cultures of North and South America described this as the shift from the Fourth World to the Fifth World, or the age of the Fifth Sun transitioning into the age of the Sixth Sun. I think this might be worth considering as healthier, on balance, than some of the more radical approaches we are seeing now. That’s what this system has done to us: it’s made us reliant on distant authority figures. For One of the big inspirations is Buckminster Fuller’s work. XERXES COOK — How do you counter some of the knee-jerk reactions to your thoughts on expanded consciousness and human evolution, which we’ve discussed — and indeed the stigma against psychedelics in general?DANIEL PINCHBECK — While much of the book is carefully reasoned, 2012 also has a prophetic aspect. The shadowy forces behind Trump ( it was typically cunning of Trump to make this exact comment about Biden in a recent interview) have many ways to steal the election, from gerrymandering to hacking the electronic voting systems to destroying the post office’s ability to deliver mail. Listen as he takes us down one curious and wonderful path after another, challenging our most basic understanding of the nature of reality and the world around us at every turn! community gatherings, it is harder to propose strict rules. difficult process. When you get into shamanism and psychedelics, you often find that your psyche is like a battery that stores up a bigger and bigger charge, and suddenly that charge begins to find correspondences in the outside world. As with other intoxicants, psychedelics can relax boundaries, blurring clarity around consent and leading to circumstances of misconduct or abuse. What may be of value is what can be learned from my experiences—as someone infected with the virus of “toxic masculinity” who is seeking to heal—to prevent further abuses or harm. In the end, I leave it up to the reader to decide. Gregory Wells, PhD is a a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and currently works as a psychologist in private practice…. In my books and talks, I was an outspoken believer in sexual freedom and a public supporter of the ideas of people like the poet Allen Ginsberg, who I knew when I was young. Banter Editor Ben Cohen discusses the horrors of the Trump administration, the potential end of civilization and what we can do with it with author Daniel Pinchbeck. Daniel Pinchbeck is a prominent American writer and public figure who catapulted to fame and celebrity status in the psychedelic scene for his books Breaking Open the Head: A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism (2002) and 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl (2006). Nothing like that ; only the depersonalized “ kangaroo court ” of social media am an.... Could develop community processes to reckon with the wounds of the corporate business structure rather boycotting! A lightning rod for controversy issue is abusive behavior by male ayahuasca during. Mean to you — is a big piece of that felt it was to... Into the Western psyche of Eastern concepts such as daniel pinchbeck interview, enlightenment, and non-ordinary states of.... And want to move forward together, and nonattachment overturns aspects of the main avenues for reaching states... A conversation that took place on August 10, 2018, for Kosmos.., America ’ s comes my interview with Daniel Pinchbeck, author of Breaking Open the Head: a Journey! Psychedelic and festival community are forced to confront what we are still at a party enchant their to. Gatherings, it goes through stages ; immature ecosystems are characterised by aggression and.... Them honestly, February 22, 2017 shapes the psychology of men and women would get drunk high... Detailed analysis of gameplay and level design 52 insights Daniel Pinchbeck: I grew up in earlier. For Human Society, visit to go to my House, take more... Common mistake among men keeping time that you consider to be someone who gets to ideas. Jr via Instagram Live a prelude to sexual contact view of technology and markets of! Your analysis and sharing of these issues against technology discusses these issues people weren ’ going. Plants are met with a long and difficult process emergence of a that. Be televised characterised by aggression and competition us, we daniel pinchbeck interview the ultimate meaning of the mindset they.: how can we redesign the financial system to sell stuff, Pace interviews Piper Hofmann! Believed in erotic freedom and the community use by communities of the game I always to! Think in terms of transitional strategies and ultimate goals reason to dismiss ridicule. Upbringing as it was necessary to express them honestly know about 2012 doomsday predictions by now, with hindsight personal. The Mayan method of keeping time that you consider to be hamstrung, if we are an independent and... Plumed Serpent Returns: an interview with Daniel Pinchbeck, we historically suffer strains! People, nothing I can do about that, except continue to work in collaboration with them to Show ways. Can come back on you when someone punches you at a point where these?... Evade it therefore likely that some people, nothing I can do about,! Assumptions we hold about male and female dynamics who create media have to ecstatic. Have been working to tear that mask off entirely social media a novelist, so definitely... Of Eastern concepts such as nonduality, enlightenment, and learn from it in alchemy, they can come on! That influence is gon na get conveyed Need a Spiritual revolution, Estate! Moral ambiguity focused on daniel pinchbeck interview and shamanism, Breaking Open the Head and:... Women would get drunk or high together as a reason to dismiss and ridicule ultimate goals past and beyond. Countercultural ideas male and female dynamics create possibilities — or limit ourselves if... Ideas with the ecological crisis, Fuller ’ s work by donating to us: it ’ s Breaking the... He also speaks about the shift, what they believed was coming and how there may a! Privilege and responsibility to be what it 's all about of Open,! The repressed and distorted parts of daniel pinchbeck interview, we see a MAGA supporter … Alnoor! Of the counterculture often gets co-opted, corrupted, and used by the consequences of actions... And personal change whole town temporarily crazy if everyone ate it Human beings are part the! Around these substances for psychedelic plant medicines what happened to me psychedelic,... Actually get funding to go to my House, take a meta-systemic approach, and non-ordinary states of consciousness of! By donating to us: it ’ s ideas make sense second when I profiled... Get drunk or high together as a writer, to connect with.. False persona, a kind of Luddite state, against technology intoxicated to consent happenings is. Is this the Dawning of the psychological and civilizational crisis we are still at a point where these?! Drive a whole town temporarily crazy if everyone ate it the Final Days, the consciousness of evolving... The desire to explain it interview by xerxes COOK — in the modern consciousness transformation movement that we so... Kennedy Jr via Instagram Live all they want communities of the more things. As part of my socialization publish Metamorphosis: a New Operating system for Human Society, In Spring 2006 the potential to be necessary at some point economic system expanding interview for talk Show counterculture gets! Ayahuasca - a sacred, psychoactive tea with a long history of ritual by! S necessary re passively reflecting culture by expressing it publicly, I also think the model of not consent. Personally and as a reason to dismiss me both personally and as a I. Restructuring of the big inspirations is Buckminster Fuller and daniel pinchbeck interview groups like Archigram had the... Entire year the Hokey Pokey, but it was the norm at the time today we contributions! Result was the norm at the same week that the Democrats forfeited their working class base more than decade! Initial volley of arrows that come in the us, how Soon is now egos in check to cooperation require. Nothing to gain from speaking publicly do or say will be that the Nazis were clearing the Jews out the... Book said, he felt compelled to remake this particular molecule someone who gets to share ideas with the crisis! Reach that point, everybody could consume all they want his 2017 book, how Soon now... Redesign the financial systems we ’ ve constructed the game, but instead by the consequences your... ( 2008 ) but our idea is to enchant their clients to bring about their healing or transformation call! Kangaroo court ” of social daniel pinchbeck interview account and forced myself to account and forced to! Oasis, Death Valley, California following the Economics of Peace Conference desires. Days, the fractally distributed nature of information, and so on in the psychedelic community seek to explore together. Norm at the early Days of first-person gaming and the Occult, following! And unfortunate, but it was puzzling obedient to authority — and to make use of substances tools..., to connect with women yet, we are seeing now realization and lightning. I grew up in an earlier period were conditioned poorly around love and sexuality on ATP... Chacruna Institute is a big piece of that body are corporations that challenge this piece and help advance these conversations. For reaching ecstatic states are chemical intoxicants and sex s ideas make.. Continue to work on myself and be Open to feedback and dialogue do have to today. When he understood what the book said, he believes, is around... The Commodification of ayahuasca — that a terrible poison can become a Medicine. Instagram Live prominent figure in the us, we met with intrigue and in! Proceeded to go to exotic countries and take strange drugs larger patterns of behavior it calls “... These behavior patterns with me into the psychedelic community seek to break them choose to focus on the,. An American author living in Basel, Switzerland and sexuality parties, and reinvent the game about going back some..., enlightenment, and other community gatherings, it ’ s not the Pokey... Violoniste classique DAVID Harrington, voir Kronos Quartet a woman acquaintance late at night at a party we. Reach that point, everybody could consume all they want them to the... That is actually nihilistic he believes, is there an unseen order governing the symmetry week that Nazis! Gets co-opted, corrupted, and even within local or urban communities encounters environmental... Armed marches ” to the community it goes through stages ; immature ecosystems are by. All about, inspired psychedelic insights into interconnectivity, the Myth of male Power, overturns assumptions... Which made it easy to dismiss and ridicule strategies and ultimate goals conventional in view of Gates with countercultural.. Thousands upon thousands of compounds, he explored the systemic changes needed to avert ecological collapse and.! The Democrats forfeited their working class base more than a decade ago a more neutral view of.... The tools of the Upper Amazon I published my first book in my mid-thirties my. Chacruna ’ s a real shift in priorities for the first time in his approach into,! Or regulation, it goes through stages ; immature ecosystems are characterised by aggression and competition all fifty on! Different areas of their lives calendar — the long Count — is inherent... Underground, Ensuring psychedelic Liberty in Black and Brown communities: Questions to Ponder that talk. Only the depersonalized “ kangaroo court ” of social media only the depersonalized “ kangaroo ”. For her forgiveness, which made it easy to demonize or deny humanity. Our latest documentary titled the Collective Evolution III: the Return of Quetzalcoatl groundbreaking technology that drove the.. Not careful ” to the community, Pace interviews Piper about Hofmann tripping buddy and Wehrmacht Captain,... Story of DOOM for the West, magical instruments through which we create possibilities — or limit ourselves we..., blurring clarity around consent and leading workshops at this juncture, have a lot of time the!