Out of frustration I want to be able to sell what is mine again and out of principle I don't want someone stealing from me and getting a full refund. About you I feel stupid and it was my first time using this site, so far no reply from admin at all, I contacted the bank and they said that they will look in to it but suggested I contact vinted to seek reimbursement or at least the details of the seller. I have emailed admin and had no reply, as you can appreciate £95 is alot of money!! How can sellers just close their accounts seconds after a sale, thats not right. Hope you managed to get it sorted though xxx, I really think vinted need to up their game that if you have items for sale or have sold items that you cannot delete your account for say 15 days or after every buyer has received their goods. I guess i would contact vinted and see what they can do... but if she has her refund there probably isnt much. I sent 2 jeans off to her in exchange for a playsuit never got it and its been over a month! You should have video taped yourself opening the package. Forum post photos are shown only to registered members. I feel like she is scamming me because she keeps claiming it but my photos are clear enough to show the size and the tongue of the shoe for the size. This girl scammed me! Selling on vinted. Im just so gutted. Da una segunda vida a tus prendas y gana dinero vendiendo la ropa que ya no te pones. Forum post photos are shown only to registered members. Do you have her name? Your experience can help others make better choices. Please help Sugar daddy and steam cards? The order of that doesn't really make sense to me either, but I guess Vinted is really out there to protect the buyers first over the sellers. That is just not okay with me!! An says "I am absolutely displeased by my recent experience as a seller on Vinted. ), but never that much money . I wanted to make people aware of this and make sure you're always on the look out for deals th… Has this happened to anyone before? People can be so mean . i hope you get your money back! The money was paid in to her account and I went to ask when it would be delivered she deleted her account?!!! - wants to take the transaction off Vinted (voids any Vinted buyer protection that might exist) - wants you to use "family and friends" on Paypal (voids Paypal buyer protection) - gets aggressive (bullying) when you balk Even with one red flag I get a little … So, started my Vinted addiction. Just never bank transfer I know it's too late now, but it really isn't something I'd recommend!! You could try finding her on Facebook? I've got the address of the girl I agreed a swap with I'm considering reporting her to the trading standards xxx. Of course her photos will look professional!! Its a bank transfer and the money went in to ***MODERATED*** account instantly when it was done. and she was going to send them back to me using that feature on the app. you shouldn't just be able to delete and run vinted should be obliged to help you by giving her details to you. I really hope you can get your money back somehow. Únete a una comunidad con más de 34 millones de miembros para comprar y vender moda de segunda mano. The sellers account was closed and deleted in seconds I've paid £95...I feel so gutted and I have emailed Vinted all day and they not even replied!! So far still no reply at all from vinted. So I was selling converse shoes and the buyer claimed wrong size because they where in UK sizes but the are US sizes. I hope u get ur money back chick x, Are you sure she from Nottingham I rembwr her saying one of her bags was from Rotherham or something Harvey nicks :s xx. Your experience can help others make better choices. London Modelling agencies scam? There should be a minimum of 7 days to allow any pending transactions. I know there is nothing wrong with the skirts so if she doesn't want them and is asking for money back ( so therefore she's not paying me for them) then I want them back so I can either keep it for myself or sell it to someone willing to pay for it. Apr 11, 2016 - Shop Women's Jeffrey Campbell size 9 Shoes at a discounted price at Poshmark. I'm with nationwide and I have submitted 2 visa disputes to them. I ran into an issue witha seller where they shipped an item which was not at all as described. ... Just got scammed and out of pocket and no goods. Every single day someone will be scammed ,full forum of topics about that, how on earth would you agree to do paypal or any other transfer? Any help and advice would be appreciated!! No label or logo of Lancaster. Fine fine, fast forward a couple days, I'm already kind of mad, out of years of sales this is the first time that this has ever happened to me. OMG that is so awful, its so easy for people to scam you on sites like this, i hope admin can provide you with some details from her account such as email address and registered address which she would have had to provide to sign up and then you could inform the police or even consider taking her to a small claims court i really hope they help you xx, great advice @meganbennett id do that if vinted don't suggest anything or help you xx, Thanks so much Megan Bennett and Cloe Bratz, Im sooo gutted I worked so hard to save up £95!! Join the 2,465 people who’ve already reviewed Vinted. (I hope not!) "Performance Data" is data regarding a campaign gathered during delivery of an Ad pursuant to the Campaign (e.g., number of impressions and … The one thing I love about vinted is the forum! Posts about vinted written by Madelaine Bradley. I can't believe they just deleted their account after payment, such a horrible world, That's horrendous! I try to take honest pictures of what I am selling and include a tape measure in the picture for further accuracy. She finally replied saying that the skirts didn't match my descriptions (but there was a tape measure in the pictures???) A fake LANCASTER bag, without a single logo on the bag or on the metal piece. I have been selling on Vinted for a couple years now and have never had a problem either reaching to other girls or selling and buying with others. So, I thought that I'd give the selling thing a try. I wish you would have videod while you opened it... That would have been some nice proof that she didnt send them both back to you. Hi there, I just paid £95 to the user ***MODERATED*** today for a louis vuitton bag that was on sale on vinted. Purchasing. Go download the app, Vinted! I know how it feels being scammed and there's nothing that can be done (as it's happened to me 4! Being scammed is a horrible feeling. Ive found that admin only reply when you kick up a fuss on the forum and when it looks bad, they dont tend to help out unless it looks good for them.. also there are a lot of users and it takes them alot of time to get through all the messages. Her user name was ***MODERATED*** and her bank details went by the name ***MODERATED***, I will try and find her on facebook, that bank account is registered in Nottingham, I have reported it to the bank and police, both are stating that they need the full details from Vinted, but vinted wont even reply! Vinted collects buyer protection fee during purchase which is almost 20% of item cost, but terrible customer service. It would be really hard to get two skirts in there! They came fast and I only paid $5 for them. Sorry to hear you got scammed, not all of us are bad i promise! I'll post the conversation of what happened. Aug 10, 2016 - VINTED SCAMMER! Can't believe someone would do something like that. Nope, seller contacted me immediately after I paid on Vinted and … She said the skirts were too big on her so she was sending them both back Maybe once vinted responds to my message I'll see what I can do about reporting her. I complained to vinted but nothing they … This is her first day using Vinted, give her a break (spelt correctly) she doesn't know rule no.1 yet. Sorry to hear you got scammed, not all of us are bad i promise! Best wishes, hun xx, I agree @cloe_bratz we need to all say something so this stops happening to others no matter how big or small the amount is. I just got scammed recently by some tramp under the name of @melman - she did it to so many other girls other than myself! I was hooked. So to me that was very strange and I had to do some research to understand what that meant. The Valley woman has a warning for others looking to make deals online. It's pretty obvious I've been scammed and both PayPal and vinted say I can't get my money back. 1. | Read 541-560 Reviews out of 1,541 thank everyone for all your kind words, lesson learned I guess, Hi Hun I feel really bad cause I was guna but that item too look she messaged me today. xx, Thats so bad speak to ur bank an ask for there fraud team they can help also @shonavinted helped me today and @alex.levy.963 is a super vintie and has a few tips x, I know Priya and Stacey Chiles! Thanks Jade, Megan Bennet, Beth nicole, Cloe Bratz and Priya! If you have their details it might work xxx, Oh my gosh I feel so sorry for you! Does that kind of answer your question? Vinted has a consumer rating of 1.5 stars from 156 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. So there's an app called Vinted, you can buy, sell & swap clothes on there. “It’s a platform that opens all the closets in the world,” says Mitkute. Question: Omg I really hope u get ur money back there are some nasty ppl out there todo this!!! I went to the forums stating she had been banned and why. And would they really do that much about it. Why would someone do that? | Read 81-100 Reviews out of 1,672 Purchase a bundle of 100 6 x 9 self-sealing envelopes. I don't know If anything can be done by now. I made my first sale within 2 days of me posting my items. These can be purchased on amazon prime for $5.67. I can't believe it You definitely shouldnt be allowed to just 'close' your account. Vinted is a Lithuanian online marketplace and community that allows its users to sell, buy, and swap secondhand clothing items and accessories. VERY BAD EXPERIENCE. Join the 1,541 people who’ve already reviewed Vinted. Selling feet pics, used socks, used shoes. Description: I sell things on Vinted too and read this very disturbing post by someone who openly admitted to scamming people on Poshmark. £95 is a lot of money can't believe someone would scam you. They refuse refunds once You say You received the item, and I'm not a jewelry expert, so I didn't think I had been scammed until I went in to get a watch battery replaced and had the bracelet ($75.00) and one of the 2 rings … We’ve all probably been scammed some way or another and without a company reputation to withhold, scammers on these platforms can often get away with the small-scale crimes they commit, leaving you feeling cheated. This is my eighth time being scammed and I'm getting sick of it!!! What do you want them to do about it? Join the 1,672 people who’ve already reviewed Vinted. Give me info am I being scammed? 8 . Vinted.com - Vinted.com Review - Rating 1/5 based on 7 user review(s) - Flagged as HIGH RISK! Vinted - Selling clothing on the Vinted app. 2. Your experience can help others make better choices. At the rate I'm going, I'll be selling my entire wardrobe.” @ken_z_quinn “I just bought a pair of boots, studded crossbody purse and knitted beanie all new cond. I said that Vinted needs to stop punishing the innocent girls on the site and actually do something about the scammers and counterfeits. I did this to someone who TRIED to scam me. I hapily sold them to her when she selected both items as one transaction and shipped it right away. The community is so amazing on there, you can post about anything and you’ll almost immediately get a response from someone giving you advice. I thought about that after but I saved as many screenshots of conversations and pictures as I could sad smile I also took a picture of the little tiny package she sent it in. Give her an awful review and hope vinted bands her. Just curious really. Scammed?! She was a professional photographer. OH my gosh that is is awful!! My most recent transaction with girl who said she was "very interested" in two Brandy Melville skirts I was selling. I'm so sorry to hear you've been scammed. Does anyone know that cool clothing app? Oh my goodness! How do police deal with that? @chicbazaar I really do hope you can get your money back and that Vinted do more to protect girls getting scammed. girls lets keep commenting to get this thread popular and hopefully get this lady her money back @priya-19 @chicbazaar @meganbennett xx, Take the information to your bank and ask them to stop the transaction. TODAY I get a package at my door and its from her, its kind of small for two skirts to fit inside so I open it right away and only ONE SKIRT IS INSIDE???!!? I got scammed on a site called vinted. times! Oh wow that terrible @chicbazaar i really hope you get your money back! Its not like the skirts were ridiculously priced, and I really didn't steer her wrong in the size! x. no problem! reached out to vinted, no help at all and I am left to fight and fend for myself. Apparently the refund gets processed right away?? I feel for u chick hope xx, Sorry to hear, but what do you want from admins if you have paid this scammer outside Vinted? Vinted mods said her photos looked "too professional". I paid on Vinted with my AE card, and still trying to figure it out how to cancel the transaction. Building Vinted. They didn't even ban the account even though there're people getting scammed before me already." Why is the money refunded before the items are received back? Description: She told me to pay through friends and family on paypal!! So it would be midnight there. But what do I do? screen shot everything, even the bank transfers.. as the transfer was made outside vinted there is often little they can do, my advice is contact your bank and also go to the police. @chicbazaar you never know many girl could have been ripped off by her and they might have reported her which shuts their account down for 5 days. I am not too worried since I was using AE, AE is the best credit card on the planet! Consumers complaining about Vinted most frequently mention customer service, bank account and support team problems. After being scammed multiple times and recieving SERVERE verbal abuse, harassment, bullying and even threats against my own life, I reported to Vinted in a state of terror, but Vinted immediately dismissed my case despite compelling evidence. The user said that she didnt have paypal set up or any other payment method other than payment by bank transfer. Login or signup. She did contact vinted to return the items but it still says refund processed. I would advise you not to use Vinted to sell any high value items as you will likely be the one who needs support and won’t get it. scammed on m. 1322 . If I understand your question correctly, I noticed that the tracking said it got to her house but on my end it said order cancelled. They're literally letting criminals get away with stealing. worried. Da una segunda vida a tus prendas y gana dinero vendiendo la ropa que ya no te pones. We were supposed to swap her shoes for my vs half zip and she never swapped. I looked it up to mean that when she received her items she checked the option that says something like "I have an issue" so therefore if she requests a refund she is instructed to ship the items she received back to me the seller I try to take honest pictures of what I am selling and include a tape measure in the picture for further accuracy. You can thank me later (; #BestAppEver” @Ashleyquerfeld “I am obsessed with this Vinted app. Log in or Sign up. Mind me asking why you offered her to send them back? I have argued profusely with both PayPal and vinted to get my money back and they said there's nothing I can do. Which is crap really cos you then can't get in contact with the seller and resolve anything or confront them. "Vinted Properties" are websites specified on a Campaign that are owned, operated, or controlled by Vinted. Try and report this person to trading standards? Únete a una comunidad con más de 34 millones de miembros para comprar y vender moda de segunda mano. Please imagine my disgust if this person kept 1 out of the 2 skirts that she already received a full refund for. She won't answer to any of my messages and it seems as if she deleted her account. I think if Vinted admin are not replying, it's probably because they are not at work. You obviously brake the rules. This happened a couple weeks ago at first I was so pissed off about it but now I just over it I'm just not going to swap anymore but is that illegal to do? I wrote to the Lancaster website and they confirmed that all their articles have their logo or label. After a couple days the tracking said it had reached her door so I reached out to hear asking if everything was okay. But if you can - Facebook/Twitter is a good way! And the only thing I got back right away was the tracking number for the package which I just foolishly assumed both items would be in. After a few days I got kind of suspicious so I reached out again and said if she didn't like the items, she could send them back. | Read 21-40 Reviews out of 2,465 Worst thing is that Vinted are so not helpful at all they don't do anything about it. Good apps to sell clothes on online shopping Do you buy many second hand clothes? I'm normally very happy person here, but today I'm loosing my hope in humanity lol. Genuinely feel stupid, cheated but most of all angry. But I would def message Vinted Support. ladies : vinted, have you used it? Vinted Review, How to use the Vinted app. I think I just wanted my items back if she didn't want them, you know? The first item that I purchased was a pair of brown oxfords. I "swapped" clothes with a girl through the website, it was legitimately done and we received shipping labels and tracking the website provides us, I never received my end of the trade and I traded out vintage shorts my aunt gave me from the 80's and I'm furious and I don't want this girl to get away with it. I just don't want her to do this to someone else. I have actually made about $600 from selling on Vinted … Rule NO.1 Don't pay for anything outside this site, 90% is a scam. Today 4 million women are actively buying, selling and swapping clothes on Vinted each month. VINTED support team not capable of verifying authentic branded good just on photo. Came up with some sob story about how she couldn't afford the postage to send her swaps. I've never had that happen to me before but I would contact vinted asap and let them know you only got one of the items and provide them with all details and proof, It wasn't that the order was on hold it was that it said order cancelled. I didn't know why, but later learned( seeing I was scammed) that if u do that u can't dispute it if they don't send your product!! Poly mailer size envelopes will ensure that you are prepared to ship out your item(s). Paypal scam.. Vinted do Not support genuine sellers but take the word of scammers who simply didn’t read the returns policy before purchasing. It honestly makes me more sad over anything else. I did contact the buyer but she hasn't responded yet. I have been selling on Vinted for a couple years now and have never had a problem either reaching to other girls or selling and buying with others. Stealing is a crime at the end of the day in my eyes! I think the UK office is based in France, right? She said she shipped on Friday, I have yet to receive the package. Show them everything and hopefully the bank can tell you the details of the account you sent the money into. Maybe thats worth something, Alright, I figured out how to contact them and hopefully they can try and help with this. I really think vinted need to up their game that if you have items for sale or have sold items that you cannot delete your account for say 15 days or after every buyer has received their goods. That really scared me because I was like hey I didn't cancel this, I shipped this! May 22, 2017 - Shop Women's Scammer Alert Size Scammer Alert Other at a discounted price at Poshmark. Vinted has the worst customer service. She scammed me out of a brand-new with tags rare Victoria's Secret pink bra!!! There are specific strategies that anyone can use to become a successful Vinted seller.